Hui Chun Qigong "Back to Spring"


The Hui Chun Qigong "Back to Spring" has its origin in the internal arts of the Wudang Mountains and is equally one of the five basic pillars of the Wudang Principles (WDP) educational program, Which includes physical and spiritual cultivation.


With the spring, we usually associate an opening, flourishing, joy and vitality. In addition, the return to spring also indicates a return to the origin. (With) regular practice, the exercises help strengthen the body, (to keep supple) and Permeable as well the train. The exercise combine the silent meditation with the meditation in motion, which are contract slowly, fluently and relaxed as well as concentrated.


These various exercises do not represent a rigid dogma of practice. Instead they must be strictly adhered to the a personal taste of naturalness and feelings. Also it is very important to mention , that the development of confidence on your own self should be encouraged towards your practice. 


As the spring shows itself in its endless ways and nourishes all the things with its own power, the practitioner can unfold himself/herself beyond the exercises to his/her own Qigong method of practice. In which it will all emerge eventually out of him or her as a natural flow. 

Pictures of the Hui Chun Qigong


意守丹田    yì shǒu dāntián    the mind sinks into the Dan Tian
抱元守一    bào yuán shǒu yī  embrace eternity, keep the ONEness 
开太极       kāi tàijí  opening of the Taiji
混元一气   húnyuán yīqì   the cosmic circle flows together
无极桩        wújí zhuāng  pillar of polelessness 
乾坤搬运    qiánkūn bānyùn  transform heaven and earth
混元桩         húnyuán zhuāng   pillar of the cosmic circle
怀抱太极   huáibào tàijí   embrace the Taiji
收功            shōu gōng  the closing, body massage